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Suzuki GT250 Cafe Build
Yet another GT250 Cafe Build. I have always liked the cafe look and have built quite a lot of vintage racers and raced them in AHRMA and WERA. I have also done up some fun street bikes as well. The T500 has always been my base along with a few GT750s and the ocassional CB450 and CB350s thrown in.
I have always liked the smaller two-strokes and plan to race one in WERA Vintage this year. The bike I am now doing just might see the track this comming year. So here goes with what I am starting with. The bike as I got it pretty much is how you will see in the first pictures with the exception of the earlier bodywork from a T250. The GT is too boxy for me and I like the earlier bodywork better. All this is going to change again as I progress through this build. The bike as I basically got it.

The motor is ported with H1 heads added instead of the stock GT250 heads. I will modify the head even more with a better squish as I rebuild the motor and find out exactly what porting the PO did to it. He added a set of what looks like RD chambers and made his own mounting spogots as the mounting to the cylinders is a screw on type instead of the normal bolt on type.. Carbs are stock and jetted, but with the aftermarket petcock there is too large of a fuel flow causing it to be too rich from start to nearly full throttle. The use of only screened velocity stacks were used to try and offset this I believe. This will have to be addressed in the build as I plan to use an RD type intake boot with large K&N filter installed.