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Eric Kalamaja's 1968 T500 Cobra. GT500 front end, cast iron super thin racing disc, braided steel front brake line, Historic Production Racing motor by Sundial Moto Sports with TR500 heads, racing stingers in stock pipes. Avon tires.

David Territo's 1976 GT380 purchased and serviced by Sundial Moto Sporrts.

David's bike is completely stock with the exception of Honda CB400F handle bars and purple paint. Michelin Macadam 50 tires.

Keith Sutton's 1971 T500. Historic Production racing motor by Sundial Moto Sports with TR500 heads, GT500 front end, Dunstall tank and modified T500 seat, GSXR rearsets and soon racing chambers.

Also drilled front brake rotor with caliper mounted to rear, braided steel brake line. Avon tires.

Closeup of GSXR rearset on the shifter side mounted on exhaust hanger bracket.

Keith Sutton's 74 GT250.
Modified and reconditioned
by Sundial Moto Sports
Lightly ported motor with Kawasaki heads, GT frame modified to accept 1970 T250II high pipes.
larger 2.15 rims front and rear instead of 1.60 and 1.80 rims. Super bike bars and earlier T250 bodywork and guages. Braided steel front brake line and tapered steering stem berarings. Body work in blue 72 T250 colors to be soon supplied by Paul Miller Motorcycles. 4-3-05

Following two pictures of Keith Sutton's 1974 GT250 with 1972 T250 paint. Since this picture the stock air box has been added and a steering damper installed. Avon tires.

This bike handles much better with the larger rims and modern rubber. The power and torque was increased with the porting and addition of the H1 Kawasaki heads. The stock airbox was reinstalled after running the bike out with pods. Low end power was considerably down with the pods and putting the airbox back on brought back the tractibility of the being able to pull from idle. A slightly larger sprocket on the rear would also help as I found the gearing a little tall. The steering damper helped stop some of the twichyness the bike showed due to the short wheelbase.

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